The Washington Times - June 11, 2009, 05:50AM

The periodic table soon will get an addition — Element 112, the newest and heaviest element known, the BBC is reporting.

The existence of Element 112 has been confirmed after it had been discovered more than a decade ago by German researchers. They have been tasked with giving the element, currently known as “ununbium, a permanent name.


The “super heavy” element was discovered in the aftermath of fusion experiments in particle accelerators.

The “super heavy” elements on the periodic table are formed by forcing protons and neutrons into a confined space.  Think of it as the West Bank of physics.

These “super heavy” elements exist only for a few milliseconds — not really enough time to do much with them.  Just barely enough time to develop a reality TV show around them.

Because of advancements in particle accelerator technology, scientists think the periodic table could be extended to 120 elements.  I call dibs on naming Element 120 — lastofthemium.