The Washington Times - June 4, 2009, 06:10AM

A British music festival is planning a record-setting gathering of “zombies” for an upcoming movie, the Daily Telegraph is reporting.

Organizers of the Big Chill in Herefordshire, England, are inviting festival-goers to appear Aug. 6 as zombies to fill a scene from “I Spit on Your Rave,” a post-apocalyptic movie set nine years in the future.


A festival spokesman said the largest official “zombie walk” was held in Nottingham on Halloween last year when 1,227 people donned torn clothes and smeared flour over their faces, the Telegraph reports.

The spokesman said that 3,370 are believed to have gathered for such an event in Michigan last year, but he said there are doubts about whether it was officially recorded.

I think that some of those people who came out as zombies last year in Nottingham and Michigan weren’t in costume.  I’m just saying.

You can tell how well you’re doing in life but how much work it takes to make you look like a zombie.  If you can just reach into your closet and throw something on, then put a little flour on your face and pass as a zombie — well, you might be closer to the undead than you think.

People tend to underestimate zombies.  And that’s what gives zombies their advantage.

I like zombie movies, especially the new breed of films that feature fast-moving, angry zombies.  It makes you feel better about a survivor taking that head shot.

It would be too creepy if real zombies showed up at the movie set.  Because they’d probably demand actors’ scale pay.  And their own trailers.