The Washington Times - June 5, 2009, 03:08PM

New York City police continually ticketed an illegally parked minivan for several weeks before discovering a man’s badly decomposed remains inside, the New York Daily News is reporting.

“The window was cracked open. I don’t understand how no one noticed him. They just gave him tickets,” said Jennifer Morales, daughter of George Morales, whose remains were found in the minivan. She suspects he died of a heart attack.


Authorities discovered Morales’ remains when they tried to tow the minivan from under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway overpass.

This incident might prompt some remedial training for parking ticket-writers.  Lesson 1: Before issuing a ticket, make sure there are no dead people in the vehicle.

The police are a little embarrassed by this because, well … nobody’s going to pay for all those parking tickets now.

You know, cities need cash, and parking fines often are a good source of revenue.  The ticket-writers probably saw the minivan for what it was — a gold mine.