The Washington Times - March 3, 2009, 03:25PM

Today is “Square Root Day” — one of those special “holidays” in which the first two digits of the date can be multiplied to form the last two digits of the year (3 x 3 = 09), CNET is reporting.

Such holidays only come around nine times in a century; the next one occurs April 4, 2016.


Math enthusiasts celebrate by chopping root vegetables into squares or preparing other foods in the shape of the square root symbol.

So, this is how math nerds celebrate.  It ain’t a tequila party.  Then again, at least no one ends up wandering naked in the Mexican desert.

I like numbers.  Just not this much.

If you think things get nutty on Square Root Day, just wait for Irrational Number Day.  It’s April 15.