The Washington Times - May 12, 2009, 06:30AM

Two women have gotten a new view of their lives since they found out they were switched at birth 56 years ago, the East Oregonian is reporting.

DeeAnn Shafer of Richland, Wash., and Kay Qualls of Heppner, Ore., — whose parents have died — decided to undergo DNA testing last summer after an elderly former neighbor told one of the families that the hospital made a mistake nearly six decades ago.


The women have become friends, don’t hold any grudges against the hospital and are calling themselves “swisters.”

This switched-at-birth thing poses an interesting question: Would you be the person you are now if you had grown up in a different family?  Like, would Danny Bonaduce be such a mess today if he had grown up in “The Brady Brunch” instead of “The Partridge Family?”

Being switched at birth isn’t so bad.  My parents tried to switch me when I was 10.  For a puppy.

I just hope this story doesn’t spawn a reality TV show called “Baby Swap.”  Because you know we’d watch it.