The Washington Times - May 6, 2009, 06:16AM

A dog fought with a mountain lion to protect its owners at a national park in California, KNBC-TV in Los Angeles is reporting.

Hoagy, a black shepherd-mix and former shelter mutt, was mauled by a mountain lion that had been moving toward Hoagy’s owners, who were camping at Cleveland National Forest.


Hoagy underwent extensive surgery and is expected to survive. Park officials plan to kill the mountain lion when they find it because it showed no fear of people.

So Hoagy is a rescued dog, and he rescued his owners.  That’s kinda poetic.

I suspect that Hoagy has watched reruns of the old “Underdog” cartoons: “There’s no need to fear.  Underdog is here!”

So the next time you go camping, remember to bring your tent, sleeping bag, flashlight and hero dog.  You won’t regret it.