The Washington Times - September 4, 2009, 11:43AM

The players in the Lingerie Football League say their sports endeavor is all about the game, not the skimpy outfits they wear when they play it, Reuters is reporting.

Still, they say that their skills on the gridiron probably won’t be the main draw for their audience, since their seven-member teams compete in sports bras and short shorts.


The fledgling Lingerie Football League — born from the “Lingerie Bowl” commercials aired during the Super Bowl’s half time — is fielding 10 teams bearing names such as the Dallas Desire and the San Diego Seduction.

With team names like the Seduction and the Desire, you know this Lingerie League has got to be all about the football. I am certain that every red-blooded American male who watches will be taking the players seriously.

I don’t doubt that the women in the Lingerie Football League are athletes. I just wonder if they’ve thought about the consequences of playing full-contact football and the only padding they have is in their bras.

It’s not that the Lingerie Football League emerged from a series of beer commercials. Lots of sporting events have their beginnings in beer. Curling — where one guy slides an iron across a sheet of ice while two other guys sweep a path for it — had to have been invented during a kegger at an ice rink. There’s no other explanation for it.

I’m just wondering what the Lingerie League will show during half time — because they haven’t left much to the imagination as it is.