The Washington Times - September 4, 2009, 03:17PM

A new study shows that people with small thighs have a greater risk of developing heart disease — and dying early — than people with big thighs, the Independent is reporting.

Scientists have found that people whose thighs measure less than 23.6 inches around are more likely to contract heart disease and die prematurely than people with larger thighs.


The study’s findings were printed in a report titled “Lord of the Thighs.”

Fashion designers have to be rethinking their craft because this means that skinny jeans could be heart stoppers.

You know, a fuller thigh is more attractive than a leg that looks like a pencil. Stick people are drawn without clothes all the time, and nobody ever gives them a second look.

This news is going to increase sales of Thigh Masters. Just you wait and see.

Just don’t go overboard about building up your thighs. Remember, “thunder thighs” refers to the sound they make when you walk, not how they look.