The Washington Times - October 3, 2007, 08:10PM
Etan Thomas

\ Thomas is a workout fanatic who treats his body like a temple - hardest thing he probably drinks is green tea - but even the most finely conditioned athlete can develop heart abnormalities, which seems to be the case.\


\ I was glad to hear Brendan reach out to him. Yeah, those guys have been known to go back alley on each other, but let’s be honest about this. If you are in a competitive arena like pro sports, you are going to have to do drop the gloves every now and then.\

\ Trust me, there wasn’t a team in the league last season that went from training camp to the end of season with out a rumble.\

\ But I digress. Let’s hope Etan comes back to full health.\

\ The one thing I will say is that if he can’t return to the NBA, he’s probably one of the most well-adjusted professional athletes out there. He’s bright - probably more intelligent than a lot of people perusing this page right now - and he has a voice and a conscience. He’s not afraid to address social inequities (hello, Michael Jordan) and he genuinely cares about people. Haywood included.\

\ Gilbert Arenas is arguably in better shape now because of the insanely brutal workouts he’s put himself through to prepare for this season, but as coach Eddie Jordan let us know he’s still not himself yet.\

\ That’s not a surprise. Players always show up at training camp in great shape - ok, maybe not guys like Oliver Miller and Hot Plate Williams - but Gil is still shaking the rust off of his game.\

\ That said, Arenas is still, by Eddie’s own estimation, ‘better than anyone else on the floor.’ \

\ While we’re on the subject of Gil, I think this is his last year in DC, I really do. Think about it. The Wizards could very well be going into the last season with C-But, Twan and Zero.\

\ Suppose they win 45 games again and make an early exit. This won’t sit well with Gil, who says he’s going opt out so he can sign again.\

\ Don’t give any credence to the notion that being able to pay Gilbert more than anyone else will keep him here either.\

\ Think about it. Gil’s going to make so much money over the span of his career that he could probably make everyone at his family reunion a millionaire. And let’s not forget that sneaker deal with Adidas, either.\

\ Says here if there is a more attractive place for him to play - especially a place in California where he thinks he can get beyond the second round - don’t be surprised if he goes somewhere else.\

\ Only question then would be whether or not you people boo him like you do everyone else who leaves.\

\ — John N. Mitchell