The Washington Times - April 11, 2008, 10:42PM
“When people are asking me, \0x201CHow does it feel to be back?\0x201D I don\0x2019t consider myself back. It\0x2019s jinxy. That\0x2019s why I don\0x2019t talk to the media right now. They\0x2019re going to ask the same questions, \0x201CHow does the knee feel? … How does it feel coming off the bench? … Are you opting out?\ \ \ “You know what, there\0x2019s only so many times you can answer those same questions. I mean, can\0x2019t they just use the same quotes I said last week? There\0x2019s only so many times you can answer the same questions so I just said, \0x201CForget it.\0x201D

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