The Washington Times - March 23, 2008, 08:59PM
Verizon Center Gilbert Arenas SEE RELATED:

\ Agent Zero was wearing blue jeans, a white button-up and a tan sportscoat. A few minutes after returning, he went on with ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters.\

\ “Even though I wasn’t playing, it’s still about the team. I still had to come back and support them,” Arenas told Salters.\

\ On what happened tonight that kept him from playing:\ “I said I was 90 percent and that 10 percent with the docs kept me from playing. I thought we had an understanding that this would be the day I made my comeback, but I guess they want to wait another week and see how things are.”\

\ On how his knee feels:\ “It feels fine. I can’t let the fear of getting a hurt again get the best of me, which was what was hampering me the last few weeks. And today I was ready to play, but they went out there with a fishing pole and yanked me back.”\

\ — Mike Jones