The Washington Times - May 29, 2009, 02:03PM

     WJFK’s Junkies had Phoenix big man Amare Stoudemire on the show this morning, and during the interview in clips here and here Stoudemire talks about his desire to win a championship and says the Wizards “might just be a No. 1 jersey away” from winning a title (No. 1 being Stoudemire’s jersey number).

     He also says that he loves D.C. and is aware of the rumored possibilities. To acquire Stoudemire, the Wizards would have to ship out one of their three All-Stars, the No. 5 pick and possibly an expiring contract. According to the Junkies, the latest rumor is Jamison and the pick for Stoudemire.


    But before you get excited, I’m told Stoudemire to the Wizards “has no legs,” according to a knowledgeable source, who also adds that the Suns haven’t even contacted Washington as a potential trade partner to rid themselves of Stoudemire.

     I’m sure more of these rumors will be flying around as draft day gets closer and closer, most of them unlikely, but at least they’re entertaining, right?