The Washington Times - November 11, 2009, 11:26AM

MIAMI — Randy Foye with a sprained ankle in the second quarter of last night’s loss to the Miami Heat now gives the Wizards three injured point guards, and only one healthy PG — none other than Gilbert Arenas. Who would’ve thought, right? As Flip Saunders said, “I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve lost three point guards. And the one that was hurt the most coming into the season, is the healthiest of them all, so we’re going to have to do something there too I’m sure.”

I just spoke to Ernie Grunfeld while I’m sitting here waiting for my flight back to the D.C. area, and the Wizards team president confirmed that he is indeed likely to make a roster move to shore up the injury-stricken back court.


“We don’t know how bad Randy’s injury is, because he hasn’t been in yet, but we’ll see later this morning,” Grunfeld said. “But we probably will make a move. Mike James is out four to five weeks, Javaris [Crittenton] is closer, but not one or two weeks. At least two weeks. And maybe you can use DeShawn some like we did last night … but you need three point guards.”

Grunfeld said he started considering a move once Mike James went down, and now with Foye getting hurt, the team is in even more desperate a situation.

It means the Wizards will have to say good-bye to Paul Davis, who I’m told has pleased Wizards coaches and management with his hard work and ability to execute what is asked of him in limited action. But the only other non-garunteed players is Dominic McGuire, and he’s definitely more valuable than Davis.

I’m hearing that the Wizards want to bring in an experienced player rather than a D-League or CBA level point guard.

Two days ago we joked with Sam Cassell (after he practiced with the team) about making a comeback. But a source close to the situation says there’s basically no chance that Cassell (who while schooling Davis in a game of one-on-one prior to tip-off last night reminded the big man “I retired by choice!”) turns in his assistant coach’s clipboard and suit for a jersey.

There are a handful of veteran guards out there on the streets, with former Wizard Antonio Daniels ranking among them. But a league source said the Wizards Daniels is looking for a garunteed deal, which Washington isn’t looking to ink a player to.

Multiple league sources confirmed to me that Earl Boykins, another veteran point guard out of work, has received interest from the Wizards. He played with Arenas and Jamison in Golden State. We’ll see…

The Wizards are working on something, a league sources, tells me, however. So look for something to get done today or tomorrow.