The Washington Times - November 13, 2009, 01:27PM

     The Wizards concluded practice just a bit ago, and Mike Miller was on the court and “able to do some things,” Flip Saunders said.

     Miller came off the court with his clothes rather damp from having worked up a good sweat and said that he’s hopefully to play on Saturday. But it was pretty obvious that his sprained left shoulder is still in a good deal of pain.


     “I feel alright,” he said when asked how he felt after practice.

     “It’ll be playable,” Miller added with a smile.


      “I’m good,” came his reply.

      When asked why rush back rather than take an extra game off and be ready Wednesday vs. Cleveland, Miller said, “We need a win. I’ll be all right. I’m not going to put myself in any jeopardy, I’ll be fine.”

     “I was a little tired today, but that was to be expected. I’ll be fine,” Miller said, trying his best to assure the questioning group of reporters. “I told Flip that I’ll be ready to play, if he feels I’m hurting the team, take me out. If not, I’ll be ready to play. My job is to play basketball. if they pay me to play basketball, that’s what they should expect, they should expect me to go out there and play. Until they tell me not to play I’m going to do it”

     Antawn Jamison did not practice today. He was out sick again with what Flip Saunders described as some type of virus, but not the flu.

     The coach said that Jamison had a fever and headache, but the fever had broken last night and that he was going to get checked out by his doctor. Flip said he won’t know if Jamison is playing tomorrow until after tomorrow’s shootaround, and the same goes for Miller.

     “Our biggest thing we want to make sure we put in him a situation and he’s not going to hurt htat thing any more,” Saunders said. “There’s a difference between being hurt and injured. So now that he did that and got hit a few times, we’ll see how he reacts tomorrow and what kind of soreness he has. We have to make sure from a soreness standpoint that he can do it, and have the doctor evaluation basically saying no matter what happens he’s not going to hurt it anymore.”

     Randy Foye did some work on the elliptical machine and some light jogging today, and he said that he’s unsure of whether he’ll try to play tomorrow or not. His main fear is rushing back prematurely and causing further damage.

    Javaris Crittenton was on the court shooting foul shots after doing some work on the elliptical machine as well. He had regular basketball shoes on both feet, but is instructed to put his boot back on after the work out session. Monday the boot comes off for good, and Crittenton said he expects about two weeks of rehab before he can return to action.

     With the Wizards on a five-game losing streak all of the players are eager to return and help right the ship, but Foye said the only pressure to return is coming from themselves.

     “It’s definitely a push to come back as far as us guys,” Foye said. “No one’s pushing us to come back, but we just want to get out there and produce. I think just the competitive nature of wanting to get out there and help your team win.”