The Washington Times - November 19, 2009, 11:09PM

    Arenas’ Twitter silence didn’t last that long at all. The Wizards guard, who is returning to the entertaining ways that helped make him one of the most visible stars in the NBA, just a short while ago put out a TwitVid, telling all of his fans to follow him on Twitter. And helping Arenas out in his campaign to land a million followers are young teammates Nick Young and JaVale McGee.

     In the video, Arenas and Young are in the Wizards’ locker room, and Young is standing there, and says, “You want a million followers, man? Alright, I’ll follow you, if you follow Shaq. Shaq’s got more than 2 million followers.”


     Arenas (with a belt in hand): “Your [butt] wanna follow Shaq, huh?”

     Then the camera snaps to a different shot of Arenas upclose, who says “I advise you to follow me, or this is what will happen to you” and the word WARNING appears on the screen.

     The locker room scene returns and Arenas cracks Young over the head — and hard! — with the belt. Young howels in pain, tumbles to the floor with laughter in the background.

     Young: “Don’t hit me nomore!”

     Young then sits up and rubs his head and says, “Shaq’s got a million followers, but he didn’t have to do this.”

     The screen goes black and the message “Doing anything to get a mil” flashes across the screen.

     I checked in with Agent Zero and he said the scene was shot earlier this summer, just goofing around. But then, Arenas’ in-house twitter promoter, McGee, had the idea to use that and do a voice-over, edited the short video and gave it for Arenas to load to his twitter.

     Arenas said via text, that he still won’t write on twitter until he gets that millionth follower. But he will do funny videos off and on. Since JaVale’s a pretty talented dude, who often takes classic songs and does hip-hop flavored remixes, maybe he can crank out a rendition of Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer for Gil to use as his new theme song.