The Washington Times - November 28, 2009, 11:55PM

     How weird a night was this? It was a night when Antawn Jamison, who entered this game averaging 24.8 points and 11.2 rebounds, mustered only six points on 2-for-9 shooting and didn’t grab a single rebound.

     It was the first time since March 15, 2005, that Jamison went reboundless. That game he got hurt and played only nine minutes.


     “I can’t remember that,” Jamison said of the last time he had gone without a rebound. “As far as individual numbers, when you lose, when you get your butt kicked like that, it’s not going to go well. It’ll be a long time before that happens again.”

     Another strange factoid was zero, as in number of foul shots attemped by Gilbert Arenas. This was only the third time since the start of the 2007-08 season when twice he went a game without taking a foul shot.

     Arenas wasn’t concerned with his performance tonight, or the one from the night before where he scored only nine points, however.

      “What do you expect me to do? Go out there and score 30?” Arenas said. “I’m not going to go out there and try to score 30 when we have a lot of offensive players here. Last game I was 4-for-7, tonight I was 3-for-11. I’ll take the shots I feel are sufficient for me. Other than that, the offensive load’s on everybody else.”

     Wow, really? I don’t think that’s what Ernie Grunfeld would like to hear from his $111 million man. Flip Saunders has asked him to be aggressive, but so far, agression. But in two games, Arenas has basically gone backwards, and says he’s expecting everyone else to to do more.

     It was one of several interesting comments inside the locker room after this defeat.

     When asked about why the Wizards were so flat, a frustrated Andray Blatche said, “You’ll have to ask the starters. I don’t know how they felt. I come off the bench and try to do what I do. You have to ask the starters, that’s up to them. I’m just role player. I do what I’m told, and that’s it.”

     Meanwhile DeShawn Stevenson said the blame for tonight should fall upon the bench because the starters played well last night, and tonight the reserves should’ve picked them up tonight.

     And Caron Butler doesn’t feel the need to do something drastic to spark his teammates.

     “It has,” Butler said. “The last three games, we won two games. I’ll take that, and let’s start another streak.”

     Yeah, two of three isn’t bad, but you needed to play tonight than what you did.

    But possibly the weirdest thing of the whole night was that after they got thumped, several members of the team were in the locker room divvying up a bulk order of Louis Vuitton shoes they had special ordered.

     I know you’ve got to move on and just focus on the next opponent, but really? That’s just not a good look following a 92-76 loss.

     The Wizards head to Toronto on Tuesday and before that, hit the practice court against Monday, trying to regain what they had earlier this week.