The Washington Times - October 29, 2009, 02:05PM

The main news coming out of practice today was that Javaris Crittenton had surgery on his problematic left foot last Friday, and likely will be out another six weeks.

This was a new revelation, but I noticed Crittenton on crutches and with a cast that went from his toes up to knee length and stopped him to find out what the deal was.


Crittenton said the procedure was done becuase there was a fear that he had a chipped bone and some torn cartilage, so doctors ordered, what team spokesman Scott Hall described as an “exploratory scope.”

Said Crittenton: “They went in and basically just cleaned it out. They said I had a possible chipped bone, torn cartilage that was showing up on the X-ray, and so, here we are.”

Now, I’m not really sure if they had to clean out things to be able to explore, or what exactly, but Hall said he was told, ‘No new damage was found.”

Crittenton said he’s been told to expect a four-week recovery period before he can start rehabbing, which he expects will take another two weeks.

It’s another bad break for Crittenton, who first injured his left foot, suffering a double bone bruise and strained tendons, during a ProAm game during the summer. He re-injured the foot again in training camp and has since been out, and his frustration is both understandable and obvious.

“I wish the procedure would have been happened, so I could have recovered by now,” Crittenton told me. “They actually saw it on the X-ray a long time ago, but they had to continue looking at different cat scans and X-rays to get it done.

“It’s tough,” he continued. “Missing the whole end of training camp, whole preseason, now the beginning of the season. It’s going to be tough coming back. But I’d rather have it done now than to deal with it and try to play through the pain the whole season, so I’m glad they cleaned it out.”

When Crittenton is finally recovered, he faces an uphill climb for minutes. Not only is he playing behind Gilbert Arenas, who now appears to be fully recovered, but he also has Randy Foye and Mike James (who didn’t play “DNP-Coach’s Decision” on Tuesday), to contend with.

Otherwise, the Wizards are feeling positive over their win on Tuesday and hope to build on it tomorrow night in Atlanta.

Flip Saunders said his rotation is pretty much set, but JaVale McGee’s minutes could go up tomorrow, and in other games given the situation. I get the feeling that the coach likes the athleticism and versatility McGee offers. And he praised him for continuing to work hard, saying that today McGee had best practice of any big man we’ve had all preseason.

The same can’t be said for Nick Young. Flip said he worked hard today, but that the third-year player still has a to-do list to address as far as game preparedness and team contributions other than scoring. He said “I haven’t spoken to him [about his DNP on Tuesday], but he knows what he needs to do.”

DeShawn Stevenson said he has encouraged Nick to just keep working and that his time will come.

“I like Nick I think he’s good player, good kid and has a lot of talent,” Stevenson said. “He just has to keep his head. I remember my first three years I didn’t play at all, and it took a situation of Karl Malone retiring, John Stockton retiring and they didn’t have anybody so then I played. So he’s just got to work on his game and when an opportunity comes take a big knock.”

Antawn Jamison reported more progress today. Yesterday he shot for the first time and had no pain at all, and felt good again today, “so everything’s going according to plan.”

The Wizards will fly to Atlanta later this afternoon, and take on the Hawks tomorrow at 7:30 p.m.