The Washington Times - September 29, 2009, 08:04PM

     Members of the media were able to watch only the last 30 minutes of this evening’s practice, but in that limited time I was able to see the Wizards going at it pretty hard in some scrimmage action. Guys were laying each other out.

     Antawn Jamison found himself on the ground on more than one take to the basket, and even Gilbert Arenas took a hard foul from Oberto.


     Nick Young showed some nice hustle on both offense and defense. Late in the game he came off a screen and knocked down a smooth J that would’ve done Rip Hamilton proud.

    The practice concluded with a full-court double layup line. Just like you saw in high school, the team lined up and ran up and tapped the ball off the backboard and the next man up would tap it off and turn and run down to the other end of the court and do the same. This went for two full minutes. Talk about gut check.

    “This is where we gotta count on each other!” Wizards assistant Don Zierden yelled. “Have your man’s back. Who’s gonna focuse? Here’s where it counts.”

     The Wizards came together at the end and broke their huddle with “1, 2, 3, Hardwork!”