The Washington Times - October 10, 2007, 03:17PM
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\ Yes, he’s another presidential candidate from Texas, but unlike other politicos with their eye on the White House, this libertarian-minded congressman is anti-Iraq war, anti-abortion, and anti-tax.\

\ Mr. Paul’s distinctive positions are the reason the Robert A. Taft Club will have standing-room-only at its Thursday forum, “Congressman Ron Paul: A Conservative Foreign Policy.”\

\ He will discuss “why conservatives should abandon nation-building and Wilsonian democracy-spreading, and return back to their non-interventionist and America-First roots,” according to the club Web site.\

\ Marcus Epstein founded the Robert A. Taft Club in 2006 due to his discontent with “Beltway conservative politics.” Mr. Epstein reiterated that tomorrow’s forum will be a nonpartisan event.\

\ Past forums held by the Robert A. Taft Club had an average attendance of about 75 people with multiple panelists. At tomorrow’s event, Ron Paul will be the only speaker, but over 300 people have RSVP’d. Mr. Epstein said that the club building can at only occupy 150 people due to fire restrictions. \

\ “At this point, we have a long waiting list. We hope to have similar events, if not with Ron Paul, then with other congressmen in the future,” Mr. Epstein said. \

\ — Rob Gutierrez, intern, The Washington Times