The Washington Times - September 17, 2007, 12:43PM
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“The battle lasted for nearly seven hours. They knew the consequences going into this vulnerable skirmish. It was a high threat mission that few would ever volunteer for. Casualties were expected. Once it began the level of stress and exhaustion was nearly overwhelming. Tempers flared and thoughts of soldiers dying surfaced. Thick tension filled the battle zone like never before. Shocking chills and near-tearful pleas came and went. Demanding, screaming voices could be heard over the sounds of gunfire and car bombs. There was fear, anger, rage, uncertainty and frustration. It was tough. And, the relief seemed days away.
“That’s exactly what happened on Monday when the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, General David Patraeus, flanked by Ambassador Ryan Crocker, testified in the Cannon Caucus room in Washington D.C.”
“The young girls in my daughter’s Sunday School class told her I would die. My six-year-old son is terribly stressed about that. No doubt his schoolmates say the same thing. I can\0x2019t communicate with the smaller kids. The refrigerator and hot water heater broke soon after I left, leaving my sweet wife to fix that, as well as the toilet sewer water that flooded the basement. And that’s just the beginning of it! Forget the stress that comes from being separated and the difficult transition when coming home.”\
here — Audrey Hudson, Homeland Security reporter, The Washington Times