The Washington Times - June 30, 2008, 09:30AM

Look for a press conference this week at the White House—President Bush is due for one.

Mr. Bush has not held one of his wide-ranging White House pressers since April 29.

Tuesday and Wednesday are the days on which the president would be most likely to hold a press conference. He could do one before departing for Mississippi and Arkansas on Tuesday, but he currently has no public events scheduled for Wednesday.

Mr. Bush took part in a few sessions with the press alongside European leaders on his recent swing through the continent. But the press is only allowed two questions per leader in those availabilities, while Mr. Bush takes around a dozen or more questions at a typical White House press conference.

If Mr. Bush does hold one this week, a few topics sure to come up are: gas prices; the economy and whether we’re in a recession; gas prices; reports that al Qaeda has reconstituted its training camps along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border; gas prices; reports that the U.S. military is crossing from Iraq into Iran to conduct raids, partly to destabilize the regime in Tehran; gas prices; the presidential campaign; gas prices; the issue of whether U.S. oil companies should have been given no-bid contracts with the Iraqi government; gas prices, and probably gas prices again.

Jon Ward, White House correspondent, The Washington Times