The Washington Times - November 11, 2008, 07:31PM

Journalists who arrived at Obama transition headquarters today (there at least 125) were taken aback by the level of security outside the transition office building.

The president-elect’s 450-person transition team is housed in the basement of a General Services Administration building in just east of the heart of Chinatown, between E and D streets NW on the north and south, and 6th and 5th streets on the west and east.

The Secret Service has set up jersey barriers around the entire block, and has a full presence of SUV’s blocking vehicular access past the jersey barriers, uniformed guards standing watch and inspecting cars and trucks that want access to the building, uniformed officers on bike, and plain clothes agents inside the building.

Becuae of the barriers, traffic going north on 6th street is reduced to one lane.

But that’s not the only place where Chinatown is under siege.

Around the corner from Obama heaquarters, jersey barriers were being assembled Tuesday evening for another, albeit temporary, hotspot: the National Building Museum.

On Saturday, security around Obama heaquarters will be child’s play compared to the Building Museum, when President Bush and heads of state from 18 other countries will assemble for a summit on the global economic crisis.