The Washington Times - November 24, 2008, 12:45PM

President-elect Barack Obama took only six questions at his second press conference since being elected, and shut out reporters from the major TV networks and cable stations.

The exclusion of TV reporters was unusual for press conferences with a president or president-elect. After wire reporters, TV journalists are usually first to get a shot at asking a question.


But Mr. Obama Monday only called on print reporters, and kept the press conference even briefer than his first, in which he took nine questions.

The outlets that asked questions and the order in which they asked them are below:

The Associated Press


Bloomberg News

The Wall Street Journal

USA Today

The Washington Post

Here is the list of question askers from Mr. Obama’s Nov. 7 press conference:

The Associated Press

NBC News

ABC News

CBS News


Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun-Times


The New York Times