The Washington Times - October 3, 2008, 09:31AM

The revelations of what really went on inside the Bush White House and the power struggles between the major players has only just begun, but one former Bush adviser made a revealing comment after the vice presidential debate Thursday night.

Dan Bartlett, who was the president’s counselor until the summer of 2007 and worked for Mr. Bush since his days as governor of Texas, was a talking head on Katie Couric’s post-debate webcast on

Mrs. Couric asked Mr. Bartlett and another guest what “one thing would you define as being a successful vice president?”

“Not breaking ranks with your boss,” Mr. Bartlett said. “We’ve had some interesting moments in the last seven years.”

The most obvious and most recent moment was probably when Vice President Cheney signed his name to an amicus brief that took a different position on the Supreme Court’s gun law case than the administration’s own attorney, the solicitor general.

But Mr. Bartlett’s indication of multiple and various “interesting moments” is a signal of many fascinating stories to come.