The Washington Times - September 26, 2008, 02:26PM

UPDATE - The White House says that several former vice presidents have received Secret Service protection for several months after leaving office, and that this law simply enshrines in law what has been an informal precedent.

The Secretary of Homeland Security has the discretion to extend protection after six months, the White House said.


Still checking on what prompted the law.


President Bush on Friday signed into law a bill that authorizes the Secret Service to give protection to former vice presidents and their immediate family for six months after they leave office.

House Resolution 5938 gives former veeps, their spouses and children under 16 years old Secret Service protection for six months after leaving the job.

I am checking on whether Vice President Cheney will be the first ex-VP to get Secret Service protection, what prompted this law, and what he’ll do for protection after the six months is up.