The Washington Times - February 11, 2009, 10:06AM

UPDATE - 2:15 P.M. - As we sat in the White House briefing room waiting for Robert Gibbs to emerge and begin the daily briefing, John Oliver stood in the back of the packed room against a wall on the left side and pretended to fall asleep or nod off while the Daily Show cameraman taped him from across the room. I wonder if that will be cut into their package and shown as if he is doing that while Gibbs is answering questions.



Memo to White House press corps: keep your heads down today because anything you do or say can and probably will be used against you.

Why? The Daily Show has “reporter” John Oliver roaming around the press area now, and will presumably be filming throughout the day.

Oliver just walked past my desk and told me he’s doing a piece “on you guys,” meaning the press corps.

Back in May, Rob Riggle from TDS was on the campaign trail with candidate Obama. Christina Bellantoni blogged about that with pictures.

Jon Stewart last night lampooned some members of the White House press corps for their questions at the press conference Monday night. Here’s the video:





- Jon Ward, White House reporter, The Washington Times