The Washington Times - February 19, 2009, 06:52PM

Here are the most head-turning utterances of the week.

“You know, I guess when you’re young and stupid, you’re young and stupid and I’m very guilty for both of those.” - New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, during a Feb. 17 press conference to discuss his use of steroids


“I think God has put me now in a position, put me in a forum, where I can be heard, and my voice can be heard.” - Rodriguez

“It was really amateur hour.” - Rodriguez

“Some may call it amateur hour. Having been in two separate White Houses, I’m more than – and within our third week given this set of accomplishments – measure them up.” - White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, defending the Obama administration on the day Sen. Judd Gregg withdrew from his nomination for Commerce Secretary

“It is an incredible, exciting time to be in government.” - Sen. Roland Burris, Illinois Democrat, during a Feb. 18 speech to the City Club of Chicago defending himself from calls to resign

“I ask you, today, to stop the rush to judgment. You know the real Roland. I’ve done nothing wrong and I have absolutely nothing to hide.” - Burris

“I’m tired of this Blagojevich burlesque that’s been going on for so long.” - Sen. Dick Durbin, Illinois Democrat, during a Feb. 19 interview with the Chicago Sun-Times

“Obama, I want a 65-inch plasma TV.” - sign held by a person along President Obama‘s motorcade route in Arizona on Feb. 18

“After God, Obama.” - sign held by a person along Obama’s motorcade route in Ottowa, Canada on Feb. 19

- Jon Ward, White House reporter, The Washington Times

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