The Washington Times - February 3, 2009, 12:09PM

A former Bush White House mid-level staffer e-mails this morning an observation:

“I’m driving past the ellipse where white house staff park.  At almost 9 am the lot is only half full.  In the previous admin, one would be hard pressed to find a spot after 7:45, the white house being fully 
staffed by then.”

The Bushies are watching. One wonders what President Bush thinks of the relaxed dress code in the Oval Office.



UPDATE - 1:28 P.M. - Former White House deputy press secretary Scott Stanzel writes the following 16 minutes ago on his Facebook status: “Scott Stanzel is watching the Daschle commotion on Pebble Beach. Updaid taxes on the liberal limousine bene trip up the senator and the new team.”


UPDATE #2 - 4:20 P.M. - Former Bush White House adviser Peter Wehner lays on the hyperbole as he delights in the humbling of “the One.”

“This is perhaps the worst start to a presidential term I can recall — worse, even, than the early banana-peel days of Bill Clinton,” writes Wehner on his blog (he does temper his rather dramatic language with a caution: “We should not overreact to Obama’s travails”).

But there’s no mistaking the sense that Wehner is quite happy to see his former boss’ critic now in the hot seat.

“There is of course some rough justice in all this; the arrogance of Team Obama was palpable to everyone. They presented themselves, to an unprecedented degree, as purer and better and smarter than any who came before them. They would turn the page’ and heal the earth and reverse the ocean tide. Politics would be cleansed. Reason would prevail. A smooth-running machine would be put in place. Yet now, just two weeks into his presidency, we have what Matt Drudge has dubbed ‘a circus,’” Wehner writes.

“It turns out that governing is harder than campaigning, and delivering on promises is harder than making them. Who knew?” he said.


In other Bush news, the previous White House website is back up and running. It was an extraordinary and abrupt change on Jan. 20 when the past eight years of Bush records – press briefing transcripts, speeches, executive orders, and whatever else you can think of – disappeared from, making way for the Obama administration’s new website.

But now the entire Bush era website has been archived and is available via a link from the Bush library website. Click here to browse through the past.

- Jon Ward, White House reporter, The Washington Times