The Washington Times - January 13, 2009, 11:48PM

Ken Bazinet, the New York Daily News reporter who was the pool reporter with President-elect Barack Obama tonight, predicted that PEOTUS’ (as he is known) trip to dine with conservative columnists would set off a chain reaction of blogospheric bloviating.

“The bloggers are going to love this one,” Bazinet pecked on his BlackBerry, sitting inside a van outside columnist George Will’s Chevy Chase mansion.


And he was right! So predictable, those blogs! (For all of you with no sense of irony, this is your spoiler alert: You are reading a blog).

Michael Crowley at The New Republic says “don’t get mad all you liberals!” His case: Obama is co-opting the opposition.

Crowley also points out that at DailyKos, Kos himself is feeling nothing but pity.

“Could you imagine wasting a perfectly good evening with that company?” says Markos, with an audible sneer.

And Sam Stein at Huff Post blogs about the rumors that in addition to William Kristol and David Brooks, Rush Limbaugh was also there. He also knocks down the rumor, but I can replace it with the truth: Rush’s “secret trip” was to have lunch with President Bush earlier today. It was just the two of them.