The Washington Times - January 17, 2009, 03:28PM

UPDATE - 6 p.m. - An Obama offiical tells me that the “failed war in Iraq” language was part of an unfinished draft document that was sent out before being fully proofread, and that this language was deleted from later editions.



President-elect Barack Obama brought 41 “everyday Americans” with him on his train trip today. The transition put out bios for a number of them. Check out the bio below for Randy Wehrman, and the language used to refer to the Iraq War.

The bio for Mr. Wehrman calls the Iraq war a “failed war.” I’m fairly sure even Obama has been careful to avoid using that kind of language since the surge starting reducing violence in Iraq over a year ago.

This language was distributed by the Inaugural Committee. Here’s the full bio.

Randy Wehrman is a resident of LeClaire, Iowa and until January 2008, a lifelong Republican. Randy's late wife, Beth, was one of the first volunteers in the Quad City area for President-elect Obama. Beth volunteered to phone bank, host house parties and generally do whatever was needed in the Quad City area to help President-elect Obama's candidacy. In December 2007, Randy's wife was diagnosed with cancer. Beth decided to undergo surgery at the Mayo clinic. During Beth's recovery President-elect Obama reached out to see how she was doing. After Beth's surgery, she was homebound.  At this time, Randy was also diagnosed with prostate cancer. When President-elect Obama was campaigning in Iowa, Randy and Beth met with President-elect Obama several times. Randy said it was at this time he decided that President-elect Obama was "not a promise maker,  he is a promise keeper."  At the Iowa caucus in January 2008, with Beth at his side, Randy changed his registration from Republican to Democrat and caucused for President-elect Obama. Later that year, Randy and Beth received the news that her tumor was not responding to chemotherapy. Beth died on October 14th, 2008.  She was able to vote for President-elect Obama by absentee ballot before she died. President-elect Obama called Randy after Beth passed to ask what he could do for him. Randy asked him to fix our health care system so that more money will go from the failed war in Iraq to researching cures to cancer.