The Washington Times - January 23, 2009, 12:35AM

Friday is Day three for the Obama presidency, and it is all about the economy.

Mr. Obama has four events on the economy scheduled for today: he’ll meet in the morning with congressional leaders in the to talk about economic conditions, and then has a daily economic briefing, a budget meeting, and a meeting with his Treasury Secretary-designate, Tim Geithner.


The president’s only scheduled public remarks are to the pool reporters at the beginning, or top, of his 9:45 meeting with congressional leaders from both parties, in the Cabinet Room.

Day one of the Obama presidency focused on rolling back Bush era secrecy measures related to presidential records, while yesterday, on Day two he overturned enhanced interrogation techniques and promised to close Gitmo.

His focus on the economy comes none too late. Read Patrice Hill’s piece in today’s paper for more on that.