The Washington Times - July 27, 2009, 10:52PM

I asked White House press secretary Robert Gibbs today about Vice President Joe Biden’s recent comments on Russia’s “withering” economy.

Biden’s latest verbal misstep is the latest in a series of gaffes that appear to be increasingly distracting from President Obama’s agenda. My story in tomorrow morning’s paper is here.


Here’s the video and transcript of my questions for Gibbs and his answers:




Q Thanks, Robert. Is the Vice President becoming more of a distraction to the President’s agenda?


Q There have been a number of comments that have been coming up more frequently over the last few months where the administration has had to clarify or correct something that he’s said. You don’t think that that’s a distraction?


Q Do you think that the way that he’s making these comments is helpful to the President’s agenda?

MR. GIBBS: I think the President and his team are enormously helped by the Vice President, whether it is the implementation of the stimulus or — ranging from things like the implementation of the stimulus to being involved in the politics and the political reconciliation that has to happen in order to make Iraq a safer place, and to see us fulfill our commitment to remove our troops under the timetable that the President has proposed. I think he’s an enormous asset to the administration.

Q You didn’t mention Sotomayor. Was he an asset on that?

MR. GIBBS: Yes. I didn’t list everything I think he’s good at. (Laughter.)


— Jon Ward, White House reporter, The Washington Times

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