The Washington Times - March 31, 2009, 09:38AM

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters in Europe that the Obama administration is no longer using the phrase “war on terror.”

That may be accurate. But for the record, President Obama has used the phrase at least once while in office.


On his third day in office, Jan. 22, Obama used the phrase while speaking to State Department staffers.

 “The orders that I signed today,” Obama said, referring to orders closing Guantanamo Bay in a year and forbidding torture, “should send an unmistakable signal that our actions, in defense of liberty, will be just as our costs and that we the people will uphold our fundamental values as vigilantly as we protect our security.”

“Once again America’s moral example must be the bedrock and the beacon of our global leadership. We are confronted by extraordinary, complex and interconnected global challenges: war on terror, sectarian division and the spread of deadly technology. We did not ask for the burden that history has asked us to bear, but Americans will bear it. We must bear it.”

— Jon Ward, White House reporter, The Washington Times

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