The Washington Times - July 21, 2008, 09:43PM


Redskins Camp — Day Two



John Pappas



The Washington Redskins made it through today with no injuries.  That in itself is reason to rejoice.  Better still Fred Smoot was a surprise appearance on the practice field going full-speed. 


The morning session was again open to the public, and while there were fewer people out the crowd was plenty noisy.  Both practices were solid and if I had to judge I would say the offense got the best of it in both, but not by much. 


I’ll run down some positions and give you my thoughts:




• Jason Cambell was the best QB out there today and so far in camp.  He looked solid except for a few balls he skimmed to receivers.

• Todd Collins did not look quite as good as day 1.  His passes didn’t seem to have the zip or accuracy of Sunday.

• Colt Brennan has had some nice throws, but just as many poor ones.  Derrick Devine out of Marshall has looked as impressive.


Offensive Line


• The tackle play has been pretty good, although they have at times been beat.  Samuels has looked good as had Jansen, although Jansen was run over by Demetric Evans on a play in the morning session.  Stephon Heyer has looked good but had a few false starts.

• At center Rabach has looked good but the story is who will back him up.  So far this camp they have been using Justin Geisinger a lot.

• All guards appear to be healthy with Thomas and Kendall looking good. 


Running Back


Portis is the starter, Betts is the back up, and Cartwright is third.  The question is what happens after.  If the team decides to keep a fourth the competition is between Marcus Mason and Nehemiah Broughton. 


So far Mason has shined the brighter of the two.


Wide Receiver Rankings Day 2


1. Santana Moss

2. Antwaan Randle El

3. James Thrash

4. Malcolm Kelly

5. Devon Thomas

6. Maurice Mann

7. Burl Toler

8. Anthony Mix

9. Billy McMullen

10. Horace Gant


Tight End


The depth is set and the question is how much playing time 2nd-round draft pick Fred Davis will get.  Cooley is the starter and Todd Yoder is the blocking tight end.  Davis by his own admission needs to improve his blocking.  Davis looks great after he catches the ball and is a better runner than Cooley.


Defensive Line


With the acquisition of Jason Taylor, the Redskins just upgraded the defensive line big time.  Taylor is one of those guys that offenses watch. They want to know where he is at all times. With Taylor commanding that kind of focus it should create one-on-one matchups for Carter. At least that is my theory.


A side of me envisions Taylor being used on the right side with Demetric Evans on the left.  Not full time mind you, but occasionally. 


The question then becomes can the tackles give any sort of push in the middle.  If Griffin, Montgomery, and Golston are able to collapse the pocket even a little this becomes a formidable group.




Big area of concern keeping guys healthy.  Vinny Cerrato said recently that this is a big area of concern for him.  London Fletcher is durable but aging, and both Marcus Washington and Rocky McIntosh were injured last year.


So far the linebackers have looked good, rarely out of position and collapsing well on the ball carrier. 




LaRon Landry continues to impress.  The question is what then.  Stuart Schweigert has looked good so far in camp.  The competition however has done wonders so far for Reed Doughty who has looked great after four practices.  This is a matchup to keep an eye on.


Chris Horton and Kareem Moore were drafted by the team and so far have looked ok.  I am anxious to see them in a game.




Another area of concern for health.  Carlos Rogers is on the mend, Springs is in shape and Smoot looks good.  Draft Pick Justin Tryon has looked good as has Leigh Torrence.  Both have shown flashes during practice.


Tomorrow will be the first practice with pads on.  We’ll see how the players continue to develop.