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Pure hogwash: Colt Brennan - stud or dud?



Scott Hurrey


With the conclusion of OTA’s last Friday, the Washington Redskins take their annual summer vacation before the start of training camp, which this year, is slated for July 19. Over the coming weeks, ‘Pure Hogwash’ will examine the positional battles to look for when camp rolls around, the Jim Zorn era as it has occurred thus far, any breaking ‘ Skins news that makes its way into the headlines and maybe a few fun things thrown in for good measure. For today’s installment, a brief look at the Redskins’ sixth round pick, Colt Brennan.


The talk has cooled a bit in recent weeks, with the coming and going of OTA’s, Shawn Springs’ absence and whether that is a story or a non-story, etc. That being said, Brennan is still a valid bone of contention amongst Redskin faithful. Is Colt Brennan the next Brett Favre or the next Ryan Leaf? In most discussions, it’s one or the other. Very few have said, “He’ll be a good back-up and serviceable starter in a jam.” He’s either a stud or a dud. 


For the sake of those that are unfamiliar with this course of deliberation, here are a few comments from this thread started on April 27:


“This kid is a rock star, I think we just got the best QB in the draft in round 6!” - Gibbs4Life


“I really don’t like Brennan and think he is a system QB. This is a waste of a pick IMO. He stinks. Mark my words he will never be a good pro QB.” - gay4pacman


“There is no doubt that he is a “passer”, as you have said. However, that does not equate to “He is a quarterback”, much less “He is a quarterback who can run a professional offense”. I suspect he can do the things Zorn wants, but the learning curve will be steep. He won’t be competitive for a while.” - Countertrey


“I don’t like to deal in absolutes, but Brennan could never be a starter in the brutal NFC East… I think he’s practice squad material at best. On the bright side, I think his skills are a perfect fit for the Arena League, where he would become a perennial All-Star and Hall of Famer.” - absinthe1023


It’s not often one sees so much passion related to a sixth round selection, but there it is. The truth about the draft and about the transition of college players to the pros — especially quarterbacks — is that there is no truth. It seems inexplicable that every year, some highly touted player falls on his face while some unheralded second day draft pick shines. Alas, that is how it goes. 


No one knows which will be the case for Colt Brennan. One can look at his impressive numbers at Hawaii and see greatness, while someone else can look at the same stats and make the argument that Timmy Chang made a name for himself in the same offense and is now tossing frozen footballs in Hamilton, Ontario. The CFL is great, but not the place one expects to find the elite quarterbacks these days. 


Either way, the history here in D.C. dictates that the most popular player on the team is always the back-up quarterback. A few years down the road, there is an excellent chance that throngs of fans at FedEx Field will be chanting, “WE WANT COLT!!” If this fan base can call for Jeff George, anything’s possible.




Now let’s hear from you. Put your thoughts about Colt Brennan in the comment boxes below. - Eds


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