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Pure hogwash: kudos to Kelly



The 2008 NFL draft worked out fairly will for the burgundy and gold. Many talking heads around the football world believed the Redskins were targeting Oklahoma receiver Malcolm Kelly with the 21st overall pick. Washington got their man in Kelly, but they were able to trade back and pick him up in the second, along with Devin Thomas, who showed flashes of brilliance, but lacked the experience and consistency shown by the former Oklahoma Sooner.


The purpose of this blog, however, has less to do with the football acumen of Kelly, and much more to do with the philanthropic side of the 6‘3”, 219-pound rookie. Far to often, the professional sports news landscape is littered with stories of arrests, failed drug tests and other negative happenings. Positive actions by these players are often buried on the news wire, if reported at all. It is the opinion of this writer that these things need to get equal press, and Malcolm Kelly is certainly deserving.


As reported1, Kelly is preparing to travel to Liberia on behalf of Mercy Ships2, a charitable organization founded in 1978 that provides much needed medical and dental care to the inhabitants of countries that cannot provide said care. The charity turns large ships into floating hospitals staffed with medical personnel that can float to any place medical care is needed. There are several videos on documenting the work that they do, and they are very moving, to say the least. Definitely a must watch for anyone interested in what type of organization Kelly named as his official charity prior to this year’s draft.


Currently Africa Mercy, the flagship of this charity, is anchored off the coast of Monrovia, Liberia. Kelly will be joining them July 3, staying through the 10th. During his stay, Kelly will tour the ship, meet with Liberian governmental officials, and hold an international press conference, all in an effort to highlight the hard, if unappreciated, work done by the people of this organization everyday. 


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2 - The official web site of Mercy Ships:


News and Notes:


— The Redskins announced the signing of Kareem Moore, the safety out of Nicholls State. Moore was one of three sixth round picks by the ‘Skins. In a somewhat surprising move, the team released cornerback John Eubanks from the roster to make room. Eubanks has been somewhat of a project the last few years, showing enough promise for the team to keep him around. That could very well still be in the plans, but as of now, Eubanks is out.


— Along the same lines, Washington signed their seventh round selection, Kansas State defensive end Rob Jackson. To make room, defensive tackle J. T. Mapu was released.


— For an interesting read, check out Ryan O’Halloran’s Redskins 360, in which he breaks down the play selection from the Seattle Seahawks’ heartbreaking defeat of the Redskins in January’s Wild Card game. Nice work, Ryan.


— Another good read here at comes from Bob Cohn. In this article, Cohn chronicles the unique relationship between Head Coach Jim Zorn and his former teammate and best friend Steve Largent.




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