The Washington Times - October 12, 2007, 03:38PM
Jim Ducibella of the Virginian-Pilot

\ This week’s snoozers are St. Louis-Baltimore (the Ravens would hold the record for this category), Minnesota-Chicago, Miami-Cleveland and New Orleans-Seattle.\


\ The two best games of the weekend are Redskins-Green Bay and the New England-Dallas showdown in Big D.\

\ Washington at Green Bay\ Duce: Redskins\ Ryan: Redskins. Obviously, football is a game of individual match ups. I didn’t like several of the match ups for the Redskins last week against Detroit but still picked them because the Lions are the Lions. This week, I like the Packers offense vs. Redskins defense match up. So I\0x2019ll go with the underdog.\

\ New England at Dallas\ Duce: New England\ Ryan: New England. The Pats will win this one going away. Tom Brady throws four touchdowns. And the Redskins pull even with the Cowboys in the loss column.\

\ St. Louis at Baltimore\ Duce: Baltimore\ Ryan: Baltimore. The Rams have a legitimate shot at going 0-16.\

\ Minnesota at Chicago\ Duce: Chicago\ Ryan: Minnesota. Memo to Brad Childress \0x2013 hand it to Adrian Peterson 54 times and take your chances.\

\ Miami at Cleveland\ Duce: Cleveland\ Ryan: Cleveland. The Dolphins are just bad. And that was before Cleo Lemon was inserted as the starting QB. Rookie John Beck should have gotten the call.\

\ Houston at Jacksonville\ Duce: Jacksonville\ Ryan: Houston. Matt Schaub is playing well for the Texans and the Jaguars\0x2019 biggest problems have come at home.\

\ Cincinnati at Kansas City\ Duce: Cincinnati\ Ryan: Kansas City. Why the Chiefs don’t get a head start on 2008 by starting Brodie Croyle is insane. Play Croyle and figure out if you need to go QB shopping in the off-season.\

\ Philadelphia at NY Jets\ Duce: Philadelphia\ Ryan: Jets. Put a fork in the Eagles and get ready to hear Philly fans start calling for rookie Kevin Kolb. And expect Chicago GM Jerry Angelo to call the Eagles this off-season about McNabb.\

\ Tennessee at Tampa Bay\ Duce: Tampa Bay\ Ryan: Tennessee. The Titans are a surprising underdog in this game. I wouldn’t make the Bucs favored the rest of the season because of their running back injuries.\

\ Carolina at Arizona\ Duce: Arizona\ Ryan: Arizona. The Cardinals aren’t half bad (3-2). While they won\0x2019t admit it now, the loss of QB Matt Leinart will hurt them later in the season when Kurt Warner gets worn out.\

\ Oakland at San Diego\ Duce: San Diego\ Ryan: San Diego. The Chargers got a much-needed win at Denver last week but Sunday is the true test of whether they’re back to normal. The Raiders lead the league in rushing.\

\ New Orleans at Seattle\ Duce: Seattle\ Ryan: Seattle. A terrible matchup for prime time. Methinks that Dick Ebersol at NBC tried to convince the league office to start flex scheduling this week so he could swap this dog for Pats-Boys.\

\ NY Giants at Atlanta\ Duce: NY Giants\ Ryan: NY Giants. A terrible matchup for prime time, part II. Even if Michael Vick was playing, this game doesn’t do much for me. I’ll be watching pro wrestling.\

\ Records\ Ryan: 11-3 last week, 54-20 season\ Duce: 11-3 last week, 47-27 season