The Washington Times - September 18, 2007, 06:40PM
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\ “There was a lot going on at that point, ” coach Joe Gibbs said. “In the confusion on the sidelines — I’ve got to take responsibility for that — some guys started out for the field goal and some guys started off. You could see the clock ticking and I didn’t want to get into another situation where we have a delay of game so I made up my mind, ‘OK. We’re going to kick the field goal.’ Then they called timeout. I had a chance to rethink it and we decided we’d take one shot.”\

\ That’s where tight end Chris Cooley saved everybody with a 16-yard touchdown catch on a pretty pass from Jason Campbell that put the Redskins ahead to stay, 10-6. Here’s Cooley’s take:\

\ “We wanted to make sure we got points. It was a quick decision. When we had a chance to stop and think about it, we knew we wanted to get back on the field and take a shot at the end zone before we kicked a field goal. We had some communication problems, but we stayed together and got some points on the board. We had a spike and they set the play clock to 25 seconds. We expected maybe a 40-second play clock and I don’t think anyone knew. No one upstairs got the play in. Then we had a couple offsides. It was wild what was going on. All of us were kinda confused. But we hung in there and score points. It was almost like the two-minute drive’s over, let’s get to the sideline and get in at halftime.”