The Washington Times - January 21, 2008, 05:49PM

\ While the Redskins are a playoff team with a solid talent base and the Falcons are a mess, working with Washington owner Dan Snyder and vice president for player personnel Vinny Cerrato can be difficult.\


\ Their lack of a strong relationship with Gregg Williams could be what’s preventing the assistant head coach/defense from ascending to the top job as had been expected ever since coach Joe Gibbs‘ Jan. 8 retirement.\

\ Falcons owner Arthur Blank has a better reputation than Snyder and new front office boss Tom Dimitroff comes from the model franchise, the New England Patriots, who are on the verge of their fourth Super Bowl in seven years.\

\ The Redskins have proven coordinators on both sides of the ball (if Williams or assistants Jerry Gray or Greg Blache would remain if he doesn’t get the job) and a huge fan base. The Falcons don’t have a coaching staff and a shrinking fan base. But the expectations are also a lot lower in Atlanta where you would be following Bobby Petrino, who quit the team after less than a season. In Washington, you would be succeeding the legendary Gibbs. That was a disaster for well-respected defensive coordinator Richie Petitbon when Gibbs walked away the first time 15 years ago.\

\ Neither situation is ideal, but Spagnuolo or Schwartz might not be hot tickets next year. If you were one of them what would you do?