The Washington Times - December 17, 2009, 01:26PM

Just got back upstairs from the locker room, where Redskins players weighed in on Vinny Cerrato’s resignation.

Coach Jim Zorn told the team during their morning meeting and it wasn’t brought up again according to the players.


Some reaction:

London Fletcher: “Right now, we’re a 4-9 football team and had extremely high expectations and for one reason or another, we have not lived up to the expectations we had for ourselves and Mr. Snyder had for us and everyone else as well. When you don’t live up to the expxectations, there’s going to be change and unfortunately, there’s been a change with the general manager.”

Rock Cartwright: “I was kind of surprised but at the same time, it’s bittersweet because Vinny’s been around here a long time and I’ve been here for my whole career. There have been times he made decisions that a lot of people didn’t agree with but he’s the head man. I wish him the best and hopefully I don’t see him down the road.”

(Asked to clarify, Cartwright said: “I said I hope I don’t run into him down the road, with another team or whatever the case may be.”)

Carlos Rogers: “I really have no reaction. You know you can’t ask me that. It’s something to do with the front office and I stay away from that. We don’t know the insight of what’s upstairs. I heard his contract was up.”

— Ryan O’Halloran