The Washington Times - December 22, 2009, 12:54AM

Albert Haynesworth, the All-Pro defensive tackle who left Tennessee for a seven-year, $100 million contract with Washington during the first hours of free agency on Feb. 27, took shots at coach Jim Zorn and defensive coordinator Greg Blache after the Redskins were pummeled 45-12 by the Giants last night.

First, Haynesworth questioned the 4-10 Redskins’ sense of direction, a knock at Zorn, who’s expected to be fired after the final two games of the season if not beforehand.


“I don’t think this team is that bad,” Haynesworth said. “Players ain’t that bad. The score, the record say that we’re horrible, but I’ve been around these guys a lot. I think they know how to play football. I just think we’re all going in different directions and we need somebody to lead us in the right direction. You can take that however you want to.”

So when should owner Dan Snyder and newly-minted general manager Bruce Allen start making those changes, Albert?

“I don’t know about this week, but I’m sure there’ll be changes in the future,” Haynesworth said. “I don’t want to say anything too negative. I’m not looking to cause any more trouble or stir up any more mess than what there already is. I like the guys and Dan’s been great. I know this is a great organization and we can bounce back.”

Notice that Haynesworth didn’t say anything about the coaches being great.

Then, No. 92, who had missed three of the past four games with a sprained ankle, criticized the way he has been used.

“It’s very frustrating coming from Tennessee, going 10-0 … [where] I kinda had the freedom to rush and get upfield and to pressure the quarterback,” Haynesworth said. “It’s totally different than what I thought here. If they’d let us loose, it’d be a whole lot better. [At Tennessee] I just rushed and they let me go and we won a bunch of games and we was up there in the top two or three on defense and sacks. [Titans defensive coordinator Jim] Schwartz got a head coaching job from it. Maybe we need to try that here.”

As for the scuffle between Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall and Giants running back Brandon Jacobs which ended with Haynesworth being the only player penalized, “I just saw DHall thrown down and I just ran over there and started pushing players off of him. If they want to give me a penalty, that’s fine. They’re going to fine me, fine whatever, but I’m going to stick up for my teammates. I’m labeled as ‘that guy’ [by the NFL]. I told Brandon that it wasn’t nothing personal, but I just saw my teammate gettin’ jumped so I’m gonna help him.”

As for injuries in the game, quarterback Jason Campbell played the second half after spraining his left (non-throwing) shoulder late in the first half. Receiver Devin Thomas sprained his right ankle on the second half kickoff but expects to play Sundat at Dallas. Right tackle Stephon Heyer re-injured his long ailing right knee and missed most of the second half.

— David Elfin