The Washington Times - December 23, 2009, 04:11PM

Secondary coach Jerry Gray just denied he interviewed for Jim Zorn’s job, then went no comment when asked for a clarification.

Asked if the published reports about him pursuing his boss’ job were true, Gray said, “No. Jim and I have had a discussion. The thing we discussed is, ‘Don’t let this distract us [from] what we’re doing.’ I know it came up last week, what’s going on with the staff. We’re together, trust me. We’re gonna be together. We got two more weeks to be together and whatever happens, happens.”


Gray went on to cite reports that last month had him becoming the coach at Memphis but turned out to be false.

“Sometimes you can jump the gun like Memphis where there was a bunch of stories running rampant, but they never asked Jerry,” Gray said. “When you keep running with a story, it gets like a wildfire. Go to the source and if the source says yes or no, then you go on.”

Asked to clarify whether his no meant no he didn’t interview or no comment, had a spokesman say, “No comment. Any conversations that I had is between me and Jim. We’re on the same page.”

— David Elfin