The Washington Times - December 5, 2009, 08:32PM


I wish I could take responsibility for this fine snow sculpture, but no, my downstairs neighbor and her friends crafted this fine specimen. In fact, my wife noticed it, looking out our back windows, before I did.


And from the looks of things, this No. 26 might be having vision problems as well, though I blame his six-pack (and the bottle cap eyes), not a concussion.

To bring this back to the real Redskins, they have a game on Sunday at FedEx Field against the New Orleans Saints. And no, they won’t have Clinton Portis (the real No. 26). But the Saints, who of course play in a dome, will have quarterback Drew Brees, who according to this seemingly reputable Web site is 0-5 in 45 degree or lower weather since 2005. And, it’s forecast to be 39 degrees when the Redskins and Saints kick off at 1 p.m.

Does that equal an upset of epic proportions on Sunday? Who knows. But the Saints certainly will not be playing in elements they’re used to nor comfortable with. So if there are Redskins out there who didn’t think they’d have a chance at all to celebrate a win on Sunday, well … perhaps you’ve got something to look forward to. Other than building a snowman in the FedEx Field parking lot.

- John Taylor