The Washington Times - December 8, 2009, 03:20PM

Clinton Portis just finished his Tuesday appearance on “The John Thompson Show” (ESPN 980) and it was very interesting.

On the one hand, Portis said he hopes to play again and particularly for the Redskins.


On the other hand, he sounded like he thinks his career is in doubt because of the concussion he sustained last month at Atlanta.

“If it’s my time, I think I had a great career,” he said.

Portis was speaking from Pittsburgh, where he met with a doctor who had to clear him, which he didn’t.

“I think I’ll get well,” he said. “I really have to put the time in for rehabbing and continuing to do what the doctor said.

“The doctor feared that if I took another hit like that, [the vision problems] would get worse. The position I got hit in was directly on my vision. He said it rattled the vision and that was his main concern.”

— Ryan O’Halloran