The Washington Times - March 23, 2009, 04:01PM

The Josh McDaniels-Jay Cutler Saga has stretched from Denver to southern California, site of this week’s NFL owners meetings.

In an interview with NFL Network that will air tonight, McDaniels said of Cutler: “He’s our quarterback, period. … We need to keep the line(s) of communication open.”


He added: “We’re working through that. Jay and I will have an opportunity to talk more as we go here. I know it’s been a very public issue and this is something that I think happens more than people realize. We have a relationship, nobody knows where it stands right now, but it’s going to get better. It will continue to get better, I believe that. I think it’s something that both parties have to work toward a solid resolution. We have a good nucleus of players there that are looking forward to seeing him back at the facility and working with him. It will get to that point at some point in the near future.”

Asked if a lack of communication created this mess, McDaniels said: “It’s just a situation that came up. I think there are some things out there that are not necessarily true, and there are some other things that are definitely true. We have to work through those things are make sure that the lines of communication stay open. I think that’s the biggest thing, in terms of getting over any kind of an issue that a player may have with an organization or a coach. It’s the same thing that (the organization) has to do when there is an issue with a player. We want to come directly to (the player) and work through it and communicate to find a common ground that we can start going forward and working toward a good resolution.”

McDaniels added: “We can’t predict the future. He’s our quarterback and we want him to be our quarterback. We made that very clear to him.  We hope he feels the same way.”

Cutler and McDaniels have yet to have a face-to-face meeting that doesn’t include Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook.

Although the New York Jets reportedly have expressed interest for Cutler, the consensus around the league is that Cutler and McDaniels will eventually make nice — the quarterback has vowed to show up for mandatory mini camp and training camp — and the Broncos will move forward. Even if Denver wanted to deal him, it wouldn’t be able to get equal value.

The Jets’ Plan A could be USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, who is reportedly in New York (or will be in the next day or so) to meet with the coaching staff.