The Washington Times - March 25, 2009, 10:45AM

News item: The Redskins received a seventh-round compensatory draft pick for losing quarterback Mark Brunell in free agency last year.

My reaction: I wasn’t aware that compensatory picks could be awarded out of sheer pity. (OK, that wasn’t my line. Dan Daly’s on vacation but that doesn’t stop him from sending in bon mots.)


Evidently, the NFL thought ol’ Brunny is worth the 243rd pick in next month’s draft. The Redskins now have a seventh round pick (remember, they traded their own to Minnesota for the great Erasmus James, he of 39 snaps and two tackles before his release). The Redskins can’t trade this compensatory pick so fans can only hope they don’t draft another quarterback or punter.

A rundown of previous 243rd picks: LB Joey LaRocque (Bears), TE Clark Harris (Green Bay), G Tony Palmer (St. Louis), Anthony Davis (Indianapolis), C Dominic Furio (Philadelphia), NT Ethan Kelley (New England) and C Chris Massey (St. Louis).

But back to Brunell, Joe Gibbs’ pet quarterback even though Coach Joe had to bench him twice in three years. Here are some of No. 8’s greatest misses with the Redskins.

2004 (3-6 record)

*13 of 29 for 83 yards and a 49.1 rating in loss to Baltimore.

*8 of 22 for 95 yards and a 46.6 rating in WIN at Chicago.

*6 of 17 for 58 yards and a 45.7 rating in WIN at Detroit.

*1 of 8 for 6 yards and a 0.00 rating in loss to Cincinnati.

2005 (10-7 record)

*In the interest of fairness, I’ll start with his five-game streak of 12 touchdowns and two INTs.

*11 of 28 for 65 yards and a 32.4 rating in loss at the Giants.

*18 of 28 for 122 yards, three INT and a 34.2 rating in win at Arizona.

*7 of 15 for 41 yards and a 25.7 rating in playoff win at Tampa Bay.

2006 (3-6 record)

*His best game – 329 yards and three touchdowns in overtime win over Jacksonville.

*His last start – 16 of 31 for 132 yards and a 49.4 rating in loss at Philadelphia.