The Washington Times - November 10, 2009, 03:32PM

DeAngelo Hall and Clinton Portis made radio appearances today.

First, Portis. He was talking from Reagan Airport, contributing to the emails I got at the Atlanta airport Sunday night that fans saw him talking to family members while the Redskins’ buses pulled away. I couldn’t get it confirmed that he stayed behind but it would be an excused absence.


On 980, Portis said he was knocked out on the hit.

“It happened to me in college, against Florida in the Sugar Bowl,” he said. “That’s the only time I can remember being knocked out for a split second.”

As for his status for Sunday against Denver, Portis said: “I’m not going to rush it. If I don’t have anything wrong, I’ll play.”

A few minutes later, Hall appeared on 106.7.

He was a little more colorful.

Asked about his sideline melee with half the Atlanta roster and at least two assistant coaches, Hall said he has talked to individuals at the NFL office but not commissioner Roger Goodell. Hall has also spoken to the NFLPA.

“I was trying to back away. They pulled me toward the chaos,” Hall said.

Hall admitted he wasn’t happy that it took so long for teammates to get to the scene. Justin Tyron was the first but he got engaged with other players. Only when Albert Haynesworth came to the sideline and pushed the pile backward did things cool down.

“Had that been anyubody else, I would have been the first one over there. That’s my makeup,” Hall said. “I can’t speak for those other guys on the field but I’m ready to go to battle for them. That’s who I am. I’m always ready to mix it up. … It was a little frustrating not having the guys running (to help). The whole team is trying to get a piece of you.”

Hall said he doesn’t expect Falcons coach Mike Smith or anybody else from Atlanta to be penalized.

Of Smith, Hall said: “He was one of the guys that was definitely talking a lot of trash. I don’t know if he got so heated and emotional for the hit on his quarterback, which I can understand.”

The league said earlier today it reviews all altercations like the Redskins-Falcons spat.

— Ryan O’Halloran

— Ryan O’Halloran