The Washington Times - November 10, 2009, 12:47PM

Jim Zorn made his usual Tuesday appearance on 980 and there wasn’t a bunch of news from it. Here’s a couple highlights.

*Zorn is confident DeAngelo Hall can concentrate on Denver and not look back at the Atlanta melee.


“He will move on from it,” Zorn said. “He was upset about it. He’s a vocal kid and likes to tell people how he feels but I think it will move on and he’ll concentrate and he’ll be ready and the media will continue to bring it up and hopefully we’ll get past that.”

Reaction: The media hasn’t brought it up — Hall did. He was the one that brought up bringing the tape to the league office and the NFLPA. And Hall didn’t talk yesterday. Also, according to the league office, the incident on the sideline is being reviewed, just as every fracas of that kind is investigated.

*Zorn was asked about his comments about the halftime atmosphere and mentioned the lack of pass protection.

“The only preparation that I wanted better was the mental concentration and heightened physical toughness,” he said. “I’m referring to the offensive line and not everybody on the offensive line. It was just a few guys. We got sacked on a three-step drop. How do you do that? That shouldn’t happen. Those are the things that I was really concerned about.”

Reaction: The old Zorn is seeping out of the closet with his analysis of the offensive line. He would be blowing an opportunity to criticize the construction of the roster if he glossed over the pass protection issues.

*On Ladell Betts looking like he was running in a different gear than Clinton Portis.

“They’re two different kinds of runners but Ladell certainly picked up some slack and really ran hard,” Zorn said. “That’s been his reputation – to come in, get his legs moving and get what he can. He made some good run decisions and played hard. Everybody has known since before I got here that Ladell Betts is a quality back and has had some success as the running back when Clinton went down.”

Reaction: No need at this point to say Betts will get a chance to take over the starting position if he continues to out-produce Portis.

*Zorn was asked about rookie receiver Marko Mitchell, who came off the inactive list to make two catches at Atlanta.

“I trust the things we did with him and that’s why he was successful,” Zorn said. “To play 50 palys and do the kinds of things the other guys have been working on, in my mind, he’s not quite there yet. He was on the field and he was productive in the things we asked him to do. He’s making his case stronger and stronger that he should be definitely active and involved in the offensive plays.”

Reaction: Mitchell is a fan favorite because he has size and was impressive in the preseason. But he’s not ready for prime time duty. The second half of the year should be for working him into the rotation so he can play a bigger role in 2010.

— Ryan O’Halloran