The Washington Times - November 11, 2009, 10:44AM

The dead true edition was packed with Redskins mid season information so we didn’t have room for the weekly Upon Further Review graphic. That’s included at the bottom of this post.

Playing time vs. Atlanta


OFFENSE (66 snaps)

RB: Clinton Portis 6, Ladell Betts 47, Rock Cartwright 15, Mike Sellers 37.

TE: Fred Davis 51, Todd Yoder 5, Lorenzo Alexander 4.

WR: Devin Thomas 42, Malcolm Kelly 27, Antwaan Randle El 30, Marko Mitchell 12, Santana Moss 54.


DEFENSE (56 snaps)

DL: Kedric Golston 15, Lorenzo Alexander 4, Jeremy Jarmon 4, Albert Haynesworth 46, Phillip Daniels 27, Cornelius Griffin 47, Andre Carter 55.

LB: Rocky McIntosh 48, London Fletcher 56, Brian Orakpo 53, H.B. Blades 1, Chris Wilson 4.

DB: Justin Tryon 27, Carlos Rogers 55, DeAngelo Hall 55, Fred Smoot 2, LaRon Landry 56, Kareem Moore 3, Chris Horton 35, Reed Doughty 23.



Kickoff coverage: Suisham, Thomas, Moore, Alexander, Blades, Sellers, Wilson, Doughty, Cartwright, Tryon and Smoot.

Kickoff return: Cartwright, Betts, Moore, Doughty, McIntosh, Henson, Horton, Yoder, Sellers, Alexander and Wilson.

Punt coverage: Paulescu, Albright, Moore, Cartwright, Thomas, Doughty, Yoder, Sellers, Blades, Horton and Tryon.

Punt return: Randle El/Hall, Doughty, Tryon, Moore, Henson, Alexander, Thomas, Smoot, Jarmon, Mitchell, Landry and Cartwright.


Final observations from the Redskins’ loss to Atlanta

* Jim Zorn is quick to point out when he thinks Jason Campbell is responsible for a sack, be it by holding onto the football too long or not making the right protection call. But against Atlanta, it’s hard to see Campbell at fault. During the five sacks, he had an average of 2.17 seconds before he was under duress. The Falcons rushers/Redskins protectors on the sacks: 3/6, 5/6, 5/7, 7/7 and 4/5.

* Atlanta had success blitzing cornerback Chevis Jackson. The Redskins tried Justin Tryon and Reed Doughty on blitzes late in the first half. With the Redskins in dime (six defensive backs), the duo rushed three times in five plays. During the three plays, Matt Ryan was 1-of-3 for 7 yards with an intentional grounding penalty.

* Mike Sellers’ 47-yard reception in the second quarter was a career high and it’s possible that the Redskins’ poor pass protection contributed to the play. Sellers lined up at left tight end in a four-receiver, one-tight end formation. Surely, the Falcons had to think he was staying in to protect. But when the Falcons rushed the standard four, Sellers slipped past linebacker Curtis Lofton, who didn’t give so much as a shove. Sellers caught the pass 22 yards downfield.

* On the inactive list the last five games, rookie receiver Marko Mitchell returned to the field and made his first two catches (for 22 yards). Mitchell played 12 snaps – he entered with only three snaps (Weeks 1-2). Malcolm Kelly played 26 snaps, his highest total since losing his starting position to Devin Thomas.

* Bizarre sight on a Falcons third-and-1 play in the fourth quarter. Lined up between defensive end Phillip Daniels and defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin was 210-pound LaRon Landry. He was pushed upfield by 331-pound Tyson Clabo, who was called for holding.

- Ryan O’Halloran