The Washington Times - November 18, 2009, 02:21PM

Carlos Rogers, benched last week, might not keep his starting job this week, but he’s not as downbeat about it as he was when he was sat down last year.

“Being a player, … I don’t expect to be on the bench,” Rogers said. “I made a mistake. It happened. Whatever consequences is, I gotta deal with it, I gotta live with it. If that’s not the plan, I’m here to support the team. I don’t think I’ll be just strictly benched. I may come off the bench. I don’t know right now. I’m going to continue to prepare, practice, continue to study like I am a starter.


Rogers was benched after getting burned by Brandon Marshall on a double move on a 40-yard touchdown in the first quarter last week against Denver.

Rogers, who was beaten for a touchdown by Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson on a double move two games earlier, said those patterns are difficult to cover.

“Being an aggressive corner, a corner that don’t want passes completed on him, if it’s third down, my mindset is I want to get off the field,” Rogers said. “If they throw the ball to one of their go-to guys, I don’t want him catching it. That’s my mindset. It’s tough. You think a route coming. You study formations [thinking] ‘This is what they do.’ They do that and the time you look back to get a pick or break up the ball, it’s backed up.

“Sunday, they gave about three and we didn’t cover not one of them. I gott stay with my eyes on the receiver longer, more cushion. I wanta be on my receiver. I want to be tight and tough. I need to stay more depth, stay more at top and keep my eyes on the receiver. That’s the only thing Jerry told me to do: don’t stop my aggression, don’t stop being a physical corner.”

— David Elfin